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What is Hip-Hop Scholars?

Hip-Hop Scholars is a National Competition and study group.

What do scholars need to qualify? 

They must be between the age of 13-17, have an appreciation for music, send sign up request on the website, get their parents permission, currently attending school, and have identified a coach/mentor who is 18 years old or older.   

How do you become a coach/mentor?

You can become a coach/mentor by sending a request to  HHS staff will follow up with study guide and instructions.


Where can I find the applications?

PDF Applications at under  HHS Registration

Are coach/mentors assigned scholars?

No we do not assign scholars...   You can coach/mentor as many scholar as you can manage! 

What is the HHS Study Guide?

HHS Study Guide provides a outline and instructions on how to use today's technology, social networks, and media to research and discover information.  The study Guide will prepare scholars, and supply coach/mentors with the study material necessary to win The Hip-Hop Scholars National Competition.

How do schools and other learning institutions get involved?

Identify coach/mentor in your school, and have that person submit HHS Registration for themselves and each scholar.

What happens if you do not complete required study materials. 

All Scholars are required to blog in order to participate in the competition.  Coach/Mentor will recommend scholars to be apart of the competition based on their participation and preparedness.

How do schools get involved with the school Skype-In?

Schools can get involved by registering for School Skype-In.  We will do our best to get your school on the Skype-In schedule. 

HHS Club

Hip-Hop Scholars Club FAQs

1. How old do club members have to be?

Hip-Hop Scholar Club members must be between the ages of 13 and 17.

2. Where does the club meet?

The Hip-Hop Scholars Club can meet in your school, recreation center, or right in your own home.

3. How many scholars need to be in the Hip-Hop Scholars Club?

All you need to do is, gather three or more friends to start a Hip-Hop Scholars Club.

4. Do we need a mentor or an advisor?

Yes. You must identify a Hip-Hop Scholars Club Advisor (over 18 years of age) who can be a teacher, parent or other relative.

5. From where do we get the study material?

Hip-hop Scholars uses todays social network sites and technology to create a fun, innovative way for you, your friends and your family to learn more about the history of hip-hop, your favorite artists and also to develop long lasting skills that will help you in your daily academic pursuits. Log onto for daily and weekly assignments.

6. What happens at the end of the program?

The completion of your assignments will be tracked and approved. You and your friends will be then will be able to attend the end of the year Hip-Hop Scholars National Competition.

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