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Hip-Hop Scholars Competitions 


Hip-Hop Scholars is a Competition and Study Group that celebrates the accomplishment of Hip-Hop as a culture. HHS also explores the academic value in music. Hip-Hop Scholars was established to help youth use media and today's technological resources to improve their communication, study habits, testing, and research skills. This is done through reinforcing concepts taught at their respective institutions while promoting academic’s best practices. Hip-Hop Scholars uses music education to enhance social and emotional development, promote critical thinking, and aids in a skill based approach to learning.  The effort exerted prepares students for the Annual Hip-Hop Scholars Competition, where students compete for the covenant title of "Hip-Hop Scholar" of the year.


Hip-Hop Scholars is sponsored by





The New Swag Doctrine


Swag (n): appearance, the way one carries themselves


Hip-Hop Scholars has set out to redefine "Swag".  


"Swag" is commonly defined by who has the newest clothes, the hottest gadget, the freshest slang, popularity, and overflowing confidence. Hip-Hop Scholars has taken an innovative, and bold initiative to introduce "The New Swag".


By definition "The New Swag" is a student striving for academic excellence, having consistent school attendance, showing respect for teachers and peers, taking pride in their appearance, being an asset to their community, thinking independently, taking initiative, and abstaining from unlawful substances.


During these formative years teens are just starting to learn themselves. Some of their standards and behaviors are strongly influence by society, and especially music. "Swag" today  is a declaration of measurable achievement, celebrating only the appearance of true success. This HHS Campaign will give "Swag" a brand new meaning, and re-introduce the term to the youth who are strongly influenced by our culture. The New Swag is governed by positive, measurable, long lasting and beneficial attributes. Hip Hop Scholars is making The New Swag the new standard.





Washington D.C. – Howard University graduate student, Felicia Gangloff-Bailey presented her findings from a year-long classroom study, on Hip-Hop Scholars Competition, Contest and Study Groups. “Hip-Hop Music in the Classroom: A Motivational Tool for Student Success in School?”

Results supported the hypothesis that students were motivated through Hip-Hop Scholars, to learn and succeed academically. Findings discussed the importance of motivation, and Hip-Hop's integrated instruction as a culturally relevant teaching strategy, that can be beneficial for the promotion of learning, and academic success. For adolescents, the use of Hip-Hop as a concentration tool promotes critical thinking, welcomes diversification, and examines the significance of the culture.


Mrs. Gangloff-Bailey's research and presentation earned her the 2014 Howard Research Day Award for Outreach & Education.  




Hip-Hop Scholars is Academic

Howard University Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies has been tracking Hip-Hop Scholars Programs for over a year, to determine if Hip-Hop Music specifically can be used as a motivational tool help youth succeed in school.  Results from this year-long study will be released in 2014.


Indianapolis IN

For over forty years the National Black MBA Association® has had a winning formula for building leaders that make a difference.  Hip-Hop Scholars was invited to share the HHS  Programs with students and educators from all over the country, during 34th Annual Conference and Expo in Indianapolis IN.  It was an amazing opportunity, and we were honored to apart of such a prestigious event. 


Washington DC

In our effort to reach the community, Hip-Hop Scholars teamed up with Cricket Wireless 'Muve Music' to supported The Goodman League Basketball Tournament. The Ultimate Hip-Hop Scholars and coach 'Jay Wig' facilitated  This HHS Live event,  which proved to be family fun for everyone. 

Baltimore MD Festival of African American music and culture has been a regional tradition for more than 30 years. July 4th weekend hosted as many as 500k visitors enjoying world-class entertainment, celebrity challenges, the Baltimore SuperStar, the African American Film Festival and dynamic exhibits of arts, education and heritage. Hip-Hop Scholars was excited to be apart of this community event, and participated in a panel discussion about Hip-Hop and community issues.

Hip-Hop Scholars Industry Tour


Students from Maya Angelou Public Charter School in Washington DC were given the experience of a lifetime as they visited Bad Boy Studio, and Sean John offices in New York City.  Some had not left the DC metropolitan area, and most had never been to New York. In addition to visiting all of the studios and hearing the massive history of the music produced there, this class got to sample the amazing progression of technological sound, and learned the unique process of producing a hit record. Before leaving this particular leg of the tour everyone met for lunch in Diddy's private lounge fully equipped with a pool table, multiple seating areas, and black and white portraits of the GREATS!!



Hip-Hop Scholars wants everyone to stay connected so they host School Skype-In with well known community leaders, artist, experts, DJ's, and producers. Scholars research, organized, and conducted a live Q and A for classes and in some cases the entire student body.  Special thanks to the legendary Producer Young Guru of Roc nation, Rev Yearwood of The Hip-Hop Caucus, Steve Dent of Bad boy Studio, documentarian Jay P Chisolm, Producer/DJ WildchildDNA, DJ Heat of WPGC, Financial experts Kevin Parker for participating.



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