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Dana Geyer, Towson University,

Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication


- I worked with HHS is the spring of 2009-2010 when the program was trying to launch in school districts.


- launch Hip Hop Scholars in area schools.  


- My duties included cold calling school districts to try and implement HHS in their schools. I was in charge of creating endorsement letters in order to partner HHS with beneficial companies. Lastly I created an online social media campaign to promote HHS. I thought HHS was a great idea because the concept of teaching children by using relatable tools and things they are interested seem to be very effective.




Brianna Hertford, Northeastern University,

BS in Psychology


- 2010- 2011


- Co-op! The objective was for me to gain experience in a job related to my field. My personal goal was to work with at-risk youth and be exposed to the education system.


- I worked with the evening programs at Shaw High School for 6 months, helping to coordinate the hip hop scholars class there. I also helped with the competition at the end of the year and assisted with the video. I believe the program is a much needed creative outlet for these teens, allowing them to connect with positive adult role models through their passion for music. It allows them to become more confident and involved in their education by challenging them through activities centered around music, which is something they love.




Carla Smith 

Howard University

Political Science Major Community Development minor candidate 2015


- I started working with Hip Hop Scholars in 2010-2012 under the direction of Pamela Mitchell.


- I assisted in the class exercises as well as facilitated HHS classes.


- I think that the program is effective in keeping kids out of trouble as well as giving them an opportunity to get excited about something they're passionate about. How many times have you heard kids on the bus or train blaring out their favorite rap lyrics only to be chastised for their behavior? The Hip Hop Scholars program gives them a space where it's acceptable to 'beef it out' with someone about who the better rapper is, or who's lyrics are better. It also teaches the kids reasoning, memorization, and public speaking skills. In addition, friends are made, confidence is boosted, and when it's all said and done; the kids are proud of their accomplishments! I was blessed to be apart of this program and to witness the positive effects it had on the kids that were involved.





Rashon E. Forrest,


BA in Broadcast News

The Art Institute of Washington Certification in Digital Film and Video Production


- 2011-2013


- Provided videography


- Produced Hip-Hop Scholars study Guides

Used HHS for class project + presentation

I was responsible for capturing footage of HHS' after school sessions, events and outings on video and creating short video summaries with the footage. I also created video study guides for the students in the program to use. I think HHS is a great program for this generation of young people who are technologically inclined and respond well to music. It gives a different way if studying where traditional ways are sometimes and not effective in keeping a young person's interest/attention.








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