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The New Swag

The New Swag
Swag (n): appearance, the way one carries themselves
Hip-Hop Scholars has set out to redefine "Swag". 
"Swag" is commonly defined by who has the newest clothes, the hottest gadget, the freshest slang, popularity, and overflowing confidence. Hip-Hop Scholars has taken an innovative, and bold initiative to introduce "The New Swag".


By definition
"The New Swag" is a student striving for academic excellence, having consistent school
attendance, showing respect for teachers and peers, taking pride in their appearance, being an
asset to their community, thinking independently, taking initiative, and abstaining from unlawful
During these formative years teens are just starting to learn themselves. Some of their standards
and behaviors are strongly influence by society, and especially music. "Swag" today  is a
declaration of measurable achievement, celebrating only the appearance of true success. This
HHS Campaign will give "Swag" a brand new meaning, and re-introduce the term to the youth
who are strongly influenced by our culture. The New Swag is governed by positive,
measurable, long lasting and beneficial attributes. Hip Hop Scholars is making The New Swag
the new standard.

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